My Via Magazine Article on Tonopah, NV

Photo: Bruce Fingerhood

Photo: Bruce Fingerhood

After my short assignment to scour the best cupcake shops and cocktail bars in Midtown Reno for Via Magazine, I was given another piece of work. This time, I was to provide travelers a reason to stop in Tonopah, Nevada, a dusty outpost in between Reno and Vegas. Haven’t heard of Tonopah? That’s why you should read the article. AAA members in the Western region of the country can find it under the “Detour” section in the print magazine. If not, here’s a link for people who can supply a West Coast zip code.

Garbage in a Bottle: Drinking Water in Sudan

_72052175_72052174Before I moved to Sudan in 2008, I imagined that I would survive on daily infusions of bottled water. My roommate in Sudan, Andy, quickly pointed out the economic shortcomings of my plan. As the average person should drink 8 glasses of water each day to remain adequately hydrated, and the average person in a desert climate needs double that, I was looking at eight 16oz bottles of water per day. Each bottle cost 1 Sudanese pound (roughly 50 cents American). Seems cheap, right? But it adds up to a serious latte factor. At 8 pounds a day, I would be spending 240 pounds a month just on water–nearly half of my volunteer stipend for stuff that was probably from the backyard hose. Continue reading

The Biggest F*@k in My Life

It was time to get out of Kampala. During the week leading up to Easter, I asked a man who cut in front of me at the grocery store if he was stupid. When he assured me he was not, I proceeded to call him a series of words that would make an etymologist blush. On my walk home, I boldly asked passive starers on the roadway, “What the fuck are you looking at?” Walking through my front door, I yelled at the neighbors’ abandoned barking dog innumerable times to “shut the fuck up”. There were a lot of fucks in my life. Continue reading

The Ambiguity of the Ugandan Legal Code

Everything is legal in Uganda. Want to snort coke off of a prostitute’s back as you club a baby elephant to death? Go right ahead. To be fair, this act is illegal (when done in combination) due to the obvious fire hazards. However, it magically becomes a legally-sanctioned activity for (and I’m absolutely just guessing here) $20. In Vegas, you have to spend at least 20 times that—and you don’t get to choose the elephant.

Continue reading