Alice Munro

As soon as a man and woman of almost any age are alone together within four walls it is assumed that anything may happen. Spontaneous combustion, instant fornication, triumph of the senses. What possibilities men and women must see in each other to infer such dangers. Or, believing in the dangers, how often they must think about the possibilities.Alice Munro

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  1. Doris Swehla

    A writer needs to write. I’m glad you have this venue to share your thoughts. I’ve enjoyed a few conversations with you. Look forward to more. ……. Happy life!

  2. Steve Stanga

    Which book of Ms. Munro’s is this quote from? I am a big Alice Munro fan, but only ‘discovered’ her in recent years. She is my second-favorite female Canadian author . . . Margaret Laurence being my favorite. I am so glad that Alice just won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature. She deserved it, I think.

    1. JeffJeff

      I’m not sure it is from one of her books; she might have just been speaking. The quote was attributed to her on numerous web articles after she won the Nobel. Let’s hope she really said it and I’m not guilty of passing on misinformation.

      1. Steve Stanga

        Yes, certainly, she won the Nobel Prize for Literature, not the Pulitzer. I stand corrected. I was bedazzled by her wonderfulness.


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